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My Education

The road to college can be difficult with tough high school graduation requirements and so many options to consider after high school. That’s why the High School for Recording Arts has decided to help you get there! Within this Website you will find many interesting facts and resources that will guide you through high school and into college.

Don’t worry, this isn’t boring information! It was compiled by high school students who are on the same path to college as you are. It’s meant to help you achieve all your goals and dreams, including going to college after high school.

Songs Available for Download
Prelude / Your Turn : download mp3 :
My Shine : download mp3 :
Ditching School : download mp3 :
Stay in School : download mp3 :
Peer to Peer : download mp3 :
Food for Thought : download mp3 :
Without Education : download mp3 :
A Glimpse of What Could Be : download mp3 :
The Fo-Show : download mp3 :
Ready for the Road : download mp3 :
Champion : download mp3 :
The Graduation Song : download mp3 :